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Founded in 1950, KYOCERA KINSEKI Corporation is a professional company engaging in the manufacture of quartz crystal devices. The company is headquartered in Komae-shi, Japan. The company has established a strong production network with eight manufacturing facilities in Japan and two overseas plants in Thailand and Philippines. Besides, the company has set up subsidiary companies in Germany and USA.

KYOCERA KINSEKI has developed a broad line of products including synthetic quartz, quartz crystal unit, crystal oscillator, optical device, crystal oscillator for industrial applications and surface acoustic wave device. The company is focusing on the markets of cellular phones, digital cameras and other digital equipment. The company has been ISO 14001 certified. In additions, the manufacturing facilities have passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. The company is dedicated to providing quartz products for the information & communications industry.

Kyocera started as a small, suburban factory, with no money, credentials or history. We had nothing to rely on but a little technology and 28 trusty comrades.

Kyocera provides some of the world’s largest alumina ceramic components for LCD manufacturing. Superior strength, physical stability and heat resistance make fine ceramics ideal for an expanding range of high-precision components used in semiconductor processing equipment. Single-crystal sapphire wafers are used to form the gallium nitride layer that is integral to the production of LEDs. Kyocera’s ceramic components help facilitate the miniaturization of resonators for telecommunications base stations, filters and microphones, due to their stable dielectric constant.

Consequently, Kyocera’s management became based on everyone exerting their maximum efforts, and managers dedicating their lives to earning the employees’ trust — all believing in each other, abandoning selfish motives, and feeling fortunate to work for the company. All employees ultimately united to make Kyocera a company they could be proud to work for.

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