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IC Source, Supply and Trading with SDIGITAL

For more than 10 years and we have been in the business of electronic components, IC Source and trading.
Based on our experience we have learned and know what are the rules and working methods, which involve essential benefits for the long-term business success in a partnership.
Precisely those rules we take for intent and as the basis of our business activities:


Fast Quotation
Within of latest 12 hours we will provide your RFQ with a nonbinding quotation. Every product which we quote, we have in our stock available

Competitive Prices – Guaranteed!
It is in our strong intention to offer you the best price in the market as long as we can provide you with your requested parts. Even if our quotation does not match with your desires, let us know. We  will work hard for to satisfy you and your customer.


Quality Guarantee – German Standard

Every quotation which you will get from us, is based on our german Terms of Service. Therefore we will give full guarantee for authenticity of the original parts and we also give minimum 90 days quality guarantee for all delivered parts and components.


On-Time Shipping
Every placed order will be delivered immediately. 


24/7 Availibility – direct contact person
We are visible! Providing you with superior customer service has always been one of our top priorities. For our customers we are available at any time at any day. Every one of our customer will get provided with the direct contact details from one of our multi-lingual support and sales employees. And no matter which issue you have, you can get always in touch with your direct contact person and he will provide you will all information you need instantly.


SDIGITAL can support you at its best with your IC Source and can provide you directly Integrated Circuits (ICs), Connectors, Capacitors, Condensers, Resistors, Discrete Semiconductor Products, Switches, Circuit Protection, Sensors, Transducers, Inductors, Coils, Chokes, Cable Assenblies, Optoelectronics, Relays, Crystals, Oscillators, Power Supplies, Potentionmeters, Variable Resistors, RF and RFID, Transistors, Sockets for ICs, Interconnects, Semiconductors, LEDs, LCD, Displays and many more like Accessories for RF and RFID and many other products which our partners does have on stock available.

Get in touch with us, it is our honor to provide you with good service and build up together a long term partnership!

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