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In October 2008, the company ‘Matsushita Electric Works’ was changed to ‘Panasonic Electric Works.’ The Company’s Board of Directors is made up of a maximum of 15 members who are responsible for setting the course for and supervising business execution. Since the development of its ‘attachment plugs,’ launched when the company was founded 90 years ago, Panasonic has continued to pass on the technological strengths to steadily expand business. Using the manufacturing technologies developed for the attachment plugs, Panasonic later expanded its business into information equipment and wiring products, such as wiring fixtures.

Panasonic Components works is committed to deliver a new level of amenity across the globe, striking a balance between amenity and respect for the environment. In 2009, its LED lighting has the potential to change the standard of lighting on earth and, in space. Panasonic has recently launched a Job Diet initiative in an effort to be a stronger but leaner company. On the other hand, Panasonic aimed for a Comfortable and Environment-friendly Digital Life, a Challenge to Electronics Market Continues Together with Device Makers. Panasonic Components explored the possibilities of nano-sized water particles known as “electrostatic atomized water particles,” proven to have positive effects.

Panasonic Enters This High Power Product Category With Both 800 and 1100 VDC Variants In Small Package Sizes Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Film Capacitor Products, introduces the NEW EZP-E Series Metalized Polypropylene DC Link Film Capacitors. Recommended for DC linkage applications within a wide array of industries, the NEW EZP-E Series offers both 800 and 1100 VDC options in small package sizes.
Panasonic’s outside directors are responsible for monitoring these activities from an independent perspective, ensuring they are conducted in an effective and appropriate legal manner. Corporate auditors also independently monitor the appropriateness of PEW’s operational activities. PEW’s corporate governance system ensures greater effectiveness by integrating the elements of “business execution,” “control,” and “supervision.” The system is overseen by meetings of the CSR & Corporate Governance Council, comprising the president, CSRM director, outside directors, and corporate auditors.


More Information about Panasonic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panasonic_Corporation

Official Website of Panasonic: http://www.nais-e.com/