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Quality Guarantee

Quality guarantee is one of our basic pillars in our company!

Every quotation which you will get from us, is based on our german Terms of Service. Therefore we will give full guarantee for authenticity of the original parts and we also give minimum 90 days quality guarantee for all delivered parts and components.

More than 10 years of business experience, long term reliable partners, a professionalized supplychain and a well-instructed QC-Team ensure the quality of our items on stock. Nowadays we can trace the entire history of a product, allowing for source warranty.

Based on these facts we can provide you with the best and competitive prices in the market and we ensure a minimum of 90 days turnback and cashback commitment of quality guarantee for all our stock and based on our german Terms of Service.

We can provide you at its best with your IC Source and can provide you directly Integrated Circuits (ICs), Connectors, Capacitors, Condensers, Resistors, Discrete Semiconductor Products, Switches, Circuit Protection, Sensors, Transducers, Inductors, Coils, Chokes, Cable Assenblies, Optoelectronics, Relays, Crystals, Oscillators, Power Supplies, Potentionmeters, Variable Resistors, RF and RFID, Transistors, Sockets for ICs, Interconnects, Semiconductors, LEDs, LCD, Displays and many more like Accessories for RF and RFID and many other products which our partners does have on stock available.

Try out our quality guarantee service!