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TDK-Lambda Corporation, founded in 1978, is a company that Designs, manufactures, sales and maintenance-services of switching power supplies and peripherals. It has a long history of development, for example: Headquarters transferred to current location in Higashi-Gowanda, Tokyo in 1979, Korea branch established in Seoul to promote sales in Korea in the year of 1989, Hong Kong Branch established to promote sales in China in 1994 and so on. TDK-Lambda Corporation is located in Japan and it has 705 staff. The objective of TDK-Lambda is to supply products with minimal environmental impact, to promote design and to manufacture of products with reduced environmental impact in its whole manufacturing procedure. TDK-Lambda regard the protection of nature and limitation natural resources as its responsibility, therefore, it conducts surveys on suppliers’ environment and review information on environment related substances used in procured materials to guarantee the proper promotion of such activities.

TDK Electronic deals with all areas involved-supplying peripherals, developing, manufacturing and selling power supply systems, and providing maintenance service to meet the customs’ requirements. Main products of TDK-Lambda Corporation include noise filters, DC-AC inverters, linear and power module, etc.

TDK Electronic advocates the evolution of the production. It has adorned the history of power supply products-from the development of smaller and more efficient products. The products are low-cost and compliance with different safety standards. It must become the trend of the market and be popular among people all over the world.

Use our Rapid Selectors to quickly find AC-DC power supplies or DC-DC converters suitable for your application’s requirements. Simply input key parameters (such as number of inputs, voltage and current) into the selector tool to obtain a list of suitable products. The Vega configurator is dedicated to our extremely popular Vega range of modular power supplies. The range features both AC-DC and DC-DC products from 450W to 900W with up to 10 outputs.

More Information about TDK Electronic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TDK

Official Website of TDK Electronic: http://www.densei-lambda.com